Why do most people fail when it comes to achieving their goals? I’m sure there are many different reasons for this, but today I am going to go over why I think most people fail to achieve their goals and give you tools you need to actually achieve your goals. With that being said, let’s dive right in!

Why Most People Fail at Achieving Their Goals

Why You Will Never Succeed

The number one reason, I believe, most people fail to reach their goals is their mindset. More specifically, their mindset and how they measure their progress in trying to achieve their goal. How do most people measure their goals? Well, progress, and this seems like the most rational way of doing it, but this is actually one of the worst things you can do.

For example, say your goal is to make $10,000.00. Most people will then see how close they are to reaching this goal by measuring how much money they currently have, and how much more money they need to make in order to reach that goal.

Again, this sounds completely rational, but there is a huge flaw in measuring goals like this. The flaw is, one day you may have $2,500.00 and the next you may have $2000.00. You then become discouraged because you have actually gotten further away from your goal based on how you measure your progress.

The huge flaw in measuring progress like this is you are not constantly moving forward towards your goal. Somedays you move closer, some days you move further away from it. After doing this for so long you start to feel as if you have made no progress at all, and by that point, most people give up on their goals and just say fuck it!

If you are currently doing this, you need to stop right now! You need to start measuring progress in a way that only allows you to move closer to your goals, making it impossible to move further away from them.

How to Measure Progress So You Can Actually Achieve Your Goals

How to Achieve Your Goals

The proper way to measure progress is to stop using progress to measure your goals, and instead, start using understanding. In order to do this, you will drastically need to shift your mindset in regards to how you think about your goals.

As I previously mentioned, how people typically measure their progress and their goals are in ways that allow them to move closer and further away from their goals. You need to measure your progress towards your goals in a way that will force you to inevitably reach your goals. And the only way you can do this is by measuring your progress based on understanding.

When I say, measure your progress based on your understanding, I mean to measure your progress based on your understanding of what the goal really is, why you chose that specific target, what it will actually take to reach that goal in a sustainable way, and what will happen when you do reach that goal.

As long as you continue to measure your progress based on your understand of the goal, you can only move forward, unless you suffer some weird memory lapse or something like that. This is huge because, with this framework, you will inevitably reach your goal, as you can only move closer towards it, never further away from it.

Once you wrap your head around this and shift your mindset to measure progress based on understanding, your life is going to drastically change. You will find immense confidence as you know you will inevitably reach your goal as long as you continue to build your understanding of the goal, what it will take to reach it, how you will do it, and what will happen once you do reach it.

Having this confidence and knowing that no matter what, as long as you continue to build understanding, you will reach your goal is going to change the choices you make, the amount of motivation you have, how you manage your resources and time, your overall mindset and most importantly your attitude. Measuring your goals based on understanding will allow you break free from living in a world of scarcity and push you forward into a world of abundance.


You now know and understand why most people will always fail to achieve their goals. The reason for this is how they measure progress. As we talked about, measuring progress how most people do, allows you to drift further away from your goals, and most people end up drifting so far away from their goals that they just give up on them.

More importantly, though, you now know how to properly measure progress in relation to your goals in a way that allows you to ONLY move closer and closer towards achieving your goals. This creates a mindset that will cause you to inevitably reach your goals, no matter how long it takes. Once you are able to make this mental shift and truly internalize what I am talking about here, you will be able to achieve any and every goal you set out to conquer. And that is what being a Builder is all about.

How to Conquer Your Goals and Dreams

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